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Mon – Fri: 08:30 – 16:30 / Saturday: 08:30-12:00
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Shanghai Road, JINFEI ZONE
Riche Terre, MAURITIUS
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+230 249 26 00

Who We Are


We are a registered and thriving Third Party Freeport Developer nested in the heart of the emerging JIN FEI ECONOMIC TRADE & CO-OPERATION ZONE currently located a stone throw away from the bustling Port Louis Harbour Region.

Established way back in 2013, MCFDL is today widely regarded as one of the leading Freeport enterprises operating in the Republic of Mauritius.

Our company aims at offering core warehousing activities to both local and international operators wishing to tap on the lucrative Asia – Africa Corridor.

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Our Services


MAURI-CHINA FREEZONE DEVELOPMENT LTD. (MCFDL) currently holds 5,000 square metres of WAREHOUSING SPACE inside its building in multiple and flexible storage slots.

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MCFDL offers a secure and safe storage facility connected to its warehousing facilities able to cater for large fleet of trucks (after hours) and oversized goods round the clock meaning the yard space is fully optimized. Inbound and outbound traffic and movements of any vehicles is strictly monitored by the security check point located at the entry point to the complex.

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MAURI-CHINA FREEZONE DEVELOPMENT LTD. (MCFDL) currently holds 658 square metres of OFFICE SPACE inside its building on the northern façade.

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At MAURI-CHINA FREEZONE DEVELOPMENT LTD. (MCFDL) we are conscious of our role in providing a comprehensive support services chain to our clientele.

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Overview of our services

Why work with us?

Tailor Made Approach

At MCFDL we believe that the needs of our clientele is unique. Hence, we have adapted a tailor made approach to finding logistics solutions ready to fit YOUR BUSINESS every step of the way. From foreign companies, large corporates to SMEs we have got you covered.

Reduce Your Logistics Costs

The foundation of our success at MCFDL rest always on remaining competitive in terms of pricing thus ensuring in the process savings for YOUR BUSINESS. In today’s competitive business environment any reduction in logistics costs affects your bottom line, so we make it count.

Dedicated Team

We all know that warehousing is just about walls this is why at MCFDL we have place the focus on PEOPLE. A committed and bi-lingual workforce able to handle the needs of YOUR BUSINESS evolving inside a dynamic organization but more importantly trained towards problem solving.

Strategic Location

Ideally located in the emerging Jin Fein Smart City a stone throw away from Port Louis Harbour with easy access routes to the highways leading to both the port area to the east and out west heading towards the airport. Enjoy a peaceful and quiet business environment for YOUR BUSINESS .


“We chose MCFDL for their convenient location giving us close access to the port area at very affordable rates. This relationship has today blossomed into a fantastic partnership 5 years down the track and looking back it was the best decision we ever made when we landed in Mauritius”

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